XAF Consulting

DevExpress eXpressApp Framework XAF eXpressApp Framework (XAF) is a product of DevExpress, and allows for the rapid development of business applications within a powerful framework.

Through real-world experience and implementations, Info et Cetera has emerged as a leading expert in XAF consulting.  We will work with your business to understand your unique information system requirements, architect a data structure to solve your needs, and create a top-notch application custom tailored to your unique business requirements.

For businesses on a limited budget looking for a niche business solution, we can offer complete end-to-end creation of both a web-based and Windows-based application, including powerful reporting capabilities, in a narrow timeframe and budget.

We also have extensive experience with extending the “out of the box” XAF functionality with custom modules and controllers, including custom data importing routines.

XAF-based solutions are not right for all clients.  While the framework is very powerful and extensible, there are limitations centered around user interface design and core functionality that come with any solution framework.

If your business is considering an XAF-based solution, it is important to partner with a team that has both the business and technical acumen to create a winning solution.

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