Office 365

Select a plan to sign up for Office 365 and make us your Partner of Record with delegated administrative rights:
Office 365 Enterprise E3 Trial (25 user trial, $20/user/month)
Office 365 Business Premium (25 user trial, includes Office and Exchange, $12.50/user/month)
Office 365 Business (25 user trial, includes Office, $8.25/user/month)
Office 365 ProPlus Trial (25 users, includes Office, $12.00/user/month)
To sign up for ONLY Exchange, use the Enterprise E3 Trial.  When you purchase your licenses, you will be able to select Exchange Plan 1 ($4/user/month) or Exchange Plan 2 ($8/user/month).

If you did not sign up using one of the above links, follow this link to give us delegated administrative access.