Info et Cetera Partnering with Sutton, MA to Bring the Lit Fit Challenge to Town Residents

Info et Cetera is proud to be volunteering its expertise and services to bring The Lit Fit Challenge to Sutton, Massachusetts.

A few months ago, Ted Friend, Superintendent of Sutton Public Schools, in collaboration with other staff and teachers, developed the idea of the Lit Fit Challenge as a way to encourage both literacy and activity within the community.  The goal of the project is to log 25 million minutes of exercise and 25 million minutes of reading within a 12 month period.  Students, residents, and employees of Sutton, MA are encouraged to head to the website and create an account, then start logging data.

Info et Cetera was glad to answer the call for help developing a custom website which would allow project participants to create a secure account and then log activity on a regular basis.  The site also has a secondary interface, which can only be accessed from within the schools, to allow students to log activity using their ID number, avoiding the need to collect personally-identifiable information from children under 13 while still allowing them to directly contribute data.  The site features a variety of live charts and statistics which have proven fascinating to the children, and classes enjoy entering their data and immediately seeing the difference they make in the project.

As of today, the project has already surpassed 1.5 million minutes of activity, and will continue into next fall.

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