Info et Cetera launches push for budget-conscious custom application development for small businesses

Since the rise of computer systems, custom application development has been limited to large businesses, either with large in-house software development departments or contracted out to large software development firms. Info et Cetera Consulting has an aim to change this, by bringing custom line-of-business software within reach for small- to mid-sized businesses. Info et Cetera can work with your business to understand your unique operations and processes, then leverage cutting-edge application development tools to create a custom line of business solution tailored to your needs.

In today’s economic climate, we recognize that budgets do not necessarily allow for completely “from scratch” or “hand coded” software solutions. Over the past year, we have focused our research and development into leveraging application frameworks, letting computer-generated code do the “heavy lifting” so we can keep client expenses low while keeping our focus on the business and operational issues.

At the heart of our new push is eXpressApp Framework (XAF), a software development product from Developer Express. XAF allows us to quickly model business objects and develop core web- and Windows-based solutions to manager information. We then extend this basic framework to create custom form layouts, custom reports, data interoperability components, and any other custom features that your business may require. The result is a quick and efficient development process that can be tailored to meet most business budgets. As opposed to most other application development platforms, XAF lets us replace “out of the box” features with custom-developed solutions, as well as easily integrating completely custom pieces of functionality.

Info et Cetera’s focus is on businesses with unique operations which can’t be solved by “off the shelf” software, or businesses that are much smaller than the competitors in their market space and need to use technology to obtain a competitive edge. If you feel that custom software may give your business the edge it needs, contact us to learn more!

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